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Brandable aftermarket domains from
Designer domains for brands designs and provides brandable, luxury, high-value, aftermarket domain names that capture attention. They have been created with the objective to build strong, unique, individual  brands for products and companies.

Our domains differ from others in that they show instantly to your prospective client what product a domain relates to. For instance: to cash, to hedging, to leasing. Thus you do not have to spend advertisement money to get acquainted your prospective clients what product you are dealing with. And yet the brand name is not generic: it is distinguished and thus suitable for a strong, first-class, elegant brand name.

We concentrate on high-value luxury domain names, the value of which is supported by an independent appraisal. This makes them suitable for an investment.

Why invest in domains

We live in the age of brands. The era of selling is over: it has been succeeded by the era of buying. Buying by a sovereign consumer, guided by brands. In the era of the Internet the role of brand and of its underlying vehicle - a domain - is even stronger: the client does not even see the goods, which he is to buy.

Thus the role of the brand and of the underlying domain name is absolutely crucial for businesses operating in the Internet. It is practically impossible nowadays to create and / or maintain a successful brand name without owning the corresponding domain name. Therefore launching of a brand name has to start from buying an appropriate domain name.>>>


Price (EUR)

29 000

37 500

73 500

64 000

23 500

64 990

9 950

19 990

13 600

38 500

39 950

3 490

18 500

14 900

15 998


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Why buy our domains

Domains designed and provided by us offer important competitive advantages:

1.They combine uniqueness and thrill with a close association with the meaning of the underlying anchor generic name

2.They are attention-catching, high-class, exclusive domain names

3.Their high brandability is combined with an easy meaning recognition of the underlying anchor word. Yet they are not generic names, which as such have no brandability value.

4. We sell only high-value designer domains proven by an independent valuation.>>>

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